The Talent Show (Single)

by Alchemy

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To celebrate the release of "Practically Sentient," I invited a handful of my musically-inclined friends to remix the album's most commercial sounding track, the sarcastic "The Talent Show."

This promotional single was handed out to everyone who attended the "Practically Sentient" release party.

But because I think the guys did such a great job tearing my song apart and stitching the bloody stumps back together, I felt everyone should be able to hear them. Some of them bear little to no resemblance to the original at all!

1. The Talent Show (Album version)
The original version from the album. Features Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen on vocals and additional drum programming.

2. The Talent Show (Fuad von Kampf Mekanik edit)
Bjørn Rørbæk's own radio-friendly edit of the track.

3. The Talent Show (Charlie C. Fair remix)
Claustrophobic, lo-fi industrial-metal remix with lots of pipe-clanging.

4. The Talent Show (Jesper Frost remix)
An industrial-dance remix for the sort of clubs where everyone's dressed in black.

5. The Talent Show (Grafikfejl remix)
A deep-bass dance remix for the late night pill-poppers.

6. The Talent Show (Lydstat remix)
A seriously spaced-out, almost ambient remix.

7. The Talent Show (Asger Mygind remix)
A hard-hitting behemoth of a remix. Sounds almost nothing like the original, but is loud enough to knock your teeth out.

A huge heaping dose of thanks to the remixers for their work! And thanks for helping me out and making me look good.


released August 8, 2009

Music and lyrics by Troels Pleimert.
Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, programming and vocals by Troels Pleimert.
Vocals and additional drum programming by Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen.
Track 2 remixed by Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen.
Track 3 remixed by Thomas Arnt Jensen.
Track 4 remixed by Jesper Skaane Pedersen.
Track 5 remixed by Troels Pleimert.
Track 6 remixed by Rune Edberg.
Track 7 remixed by Asger Mygind.
Produced and engineered by Troels Pleimert @ Broken Gold Studios, Roskilde and TMD Studios, Roskilde.
Mixed and mastered by Rasmus Lund-Hansen and Troels Pleimert @ The Intergalactic House of Donuts, Roskilde.
Cover photography by Mette Florentin. Design and layout by Troels Pleimert.




Alchemy Roskilde

A disparate output of everything from industrial punk to 90's-inspired electronica defines Alchemy, the musical alter-ego of Troels Pleimert.

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