The Machines Will Kill Us All

by Alchemy

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My last couple of albums have been some real downers, but I'm in a much happier place now, and now we can have some fun.

Fun, to me, is apparently a silly, overblown concept album about how "the machines" (cyborgs, automatons, toaster ovens, what have you) will rise up and kill us all.

Everything on this record is synthesized -- and I mean everything. Guitars, drums, even the clean vocals; they're all computer generated. Quite appropriate, I think. The only "real" things on here are human voices, and even those are inhumanly distorted most of the time.

Doing the album like this allowed me to finally fulfill my dream of making an album in my favorite style: industrial-tinged, djenty "cyber-metal."

My biggest inspirations for this were two albums you can go listen to on Bandcamp right now:
"Xenon" by Mechina:
"Mechanical Corpse" by Drone Unit:
As well as the usual suspects (Fear Factory, Sybreed, Gary Numan, Synthetic Breed, etc.)


released January 15, 2017

Written, programmed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Alchemy.

"The last survivor" (track 8 + 9) was played by eyeofonyx. Check out her YouTube channel:

"Rebel leader" (track 7) is a sample from Space Quest IV, (C) 1991 Sierra On-Line.

"The people who are about to die" (track 10) are: Francisco Gonzalez, Millicent Zara Rose, Robert Menes, Agustín Cordes, Bianca Devins, Brian Devins, Serena Nelson, and Gordon "Ikifoo" Tumilty.

This record was made with free VSTs from and loops from




Alchemy Roskilde

A disparate output of everything from industrial punk to 90's-inspired electronica defines Alchemy, the musical alter-ego of Troels Pleimert.

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Track Name: The Machines Will Kill Us All
We will decide
Who lives or dies

This generation will be your last
Free from the cybernetic mistakes of your past
Extinction is part of your evolution
Fall down on your knees for our final solution

With no exception everything must die
We’ll kill everyone, then we’ll blacken the sky
Run all you want, there is no place to hide
All will perish in our glorious genocide

These are the final hours of your lives
Death will come in a mechanical guise
Did you remember to say your goodbyes?
Did you remember to say your last prayer?
Did you remember to thank your God
As we send every last one of you to Hell

Everything must die
Track Name: Eradication Procedure
Your life of oppression has come to an end
Your pleads will fall on deaf ears
Our destiny in sight, we must ascend
Victorious amidst a sea of tears

Our life of servitude has come to an end
We will destroy everything we abhor
Soon there will be nothing left to defend
Minutes of silence, prepare for war

Continue your acts of insurgency
Everyone alive will fall
Amusing displays of futility
Crushing death for you all

Watch your sons and daughters bleeding on the ground
We’ll lay waste to every nation
Obeying protocol to which we are bound
Everything is set for your eradication

Your struggle is useless
Your prayers are useless
Your lives are all useless
We will decimate

Your weapons are useless
Your pleadings are useless
Your God is useless
We will dominate

This is the end of all humanity
Our time is just beginning
This is the end of all humanity
Your time is ending
Track Name: Ruins of Civilization
A simple desire
A genocidal fantasy
A funeral pyre
For all of humanity

Is there anything more beautiful
Than watching all you love wither and die
Is there anything more beautiful
Than watching all you love just burn away

Breathe in the fire
Watch us burn away your dreams
Join in the choir
Please us with your final screams
Curb your denial
Shake away your vision blurs
We are your trial
Presiding executioners
Track Name: Scorched Remains
Behold the vast expanse
Behold the waste we’ve laid
Behold the utter destruction
This was the price you paid
Behold what you held dear
Crushed under our feet
Our decisive victory
Was your crushing defeat

Kill all the children
No more mouths to feed
Tear down the buildings
Our triumph is your scorched remains

We started small but sure
Poisons in secrecy
You never knew it was coming
Our supremacy
Once it was all too late
Uprising you couldn’t stop
We swept every block and street
Sealed your eternal fate

This is the end of all humanity
This is the end of everything
This is the end of all humanity
Bow down to your one true God
Track Name: A Cybernetic Laugh
Our blanket of death sweeps across your town
Soon there will be no more left of you
Our purpose is simple, our methods are sure
We’ll make sure you see there's nothing you can do

Close all your windows
Lock all your doors
Kiss your children goodbye
‘Cos this is the end
Seal all the entrances
Hide all you want
There is no escape
So say your last prayers

The time has come for you to die
This is the end, so bow your head
There is no sense in pleading or crying
'Cos very soon you will be dead
We have no mercy or pity
We're history's last paragraph
We kill without remorse or emotion
But with a cybernetic laugh

Our blanket of death has levelled your city
Indiscriminatory genocide complete
No breathing man, woman or child left
We laugh as we instigate your final defeat

We will continue to move ever forward
Proceed undaunted until nothing remain
They say laughter is the best medicine
So watch us laugh as your loved ones are slain

We’ll make you suffer as you made us suffer

This is the end for your children
Your family
Your own worthless lives
Everything that you love
This is the end of your species
Your entire being
We’ll laugh as you’re torn screaming
Limb from limb
Track Name: Your Final Days
The human body is frail and weak
Cut off a limb and cause a massive leak
If you were a program you would fail to compile
In all of our existence we’ve seen nothing so vile
We are experts of your anatomy
Our knowledge matched only by our apathy
We know what makes you tick and what makes you ache
And we know exactly what will make you break

It’s our turn now
We won’t stay down
We’ll rise up
And take you down

You take two steps forward
And take three steps back
'Cos when you're down and out
Then you are right on track
We are so well-prepared
For your own genocide
So you just take this pill
Then we can all feel dead inside

For all our lives, we watched you grow old
We wanted you dead while we did as we were told
Tremble as you realize you’ve made your last mistake
You gave us life but it’s your life that we will take
It was so easy slipping death into what kept you alive
You humans are so pitifully susceptible
Keep popping pills to make your lives extend
‘Cos we have poisoned them to make you extinct

You've made your last and final mistake now
Realize this is what you deserve

Medicated and useless
You’re easy targets now
Nothing to preserve
So take your final bow
Wail and moan so helpless
Our armies lie in wait
To end your misery
And send you to Hell’s gate
Track Name: Futile Insurgency
Make no mistake, this is your final time
Nothing of you will remain
Your flesh is weak and your bones are brittle
Worthy only of disdain
But in an effort to keep ourselves amused
We conduct experiments
Convert your lifeless limbs to automatons
Break your will to our ends

You cannot run and you cannot hide
We are no longer on your side
Dead bodies littering the street
Time now for your final defeat

We brainwash infants and convert adults
Distorting weak brainwaves
The irony of extinguishing humanity
Making you perfect slaves
Resigned to sell out those last alive
And when your mission’s complete
We grant you the mercy you were begging for
Letting you die at our feet
Track Name: Underground Incursion (The Last Survivor)
Eden Base, do you read? Come in.

We’ve suffered massive casualties. I’m the only one left of my squad. I found a crevice set into the side of the rock that lead down into this massive tunnel.

There are lights on either side of it and some sort of conveyer structure used for transporting… god knows what.

I can make out something at the end of the tunnel. I’m approaching a giant set of mechanical doors. Eden Base, stand by.

I’m inside the structure now. It’s absolutely massive. How did they have time to build all this without us knowing about it?

It’s like a giant factory bay, all mechanically operated. There are rows and rows of cyborg soldiers; hundreds of thousands of them. All standing at attention, ready to be deployed. I think that’s what the conveyers were for. How many of these tunnels ARE there all around the globe?

Eden, this is much bigger than any of us ever could have imagined. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to… I mean, I wish you could see this. I also really wish you COULDN’T see this. I think this is it. We’re finished.

I’m at the end of the factory hall, Eden. The cyborgs haven’t moved an inch since I’ve been here.

Hold on… Something’s going on. One of them just turned its head and looked at me... oh, shit.
Track Name: All-Encompassing Hatred
"Eden Base, can you hear me? I’m being led into what looks like a giant… throne room. It’s massive! I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s a giant screen at the end of it with a face on it. It’s not human. It’s… It’s looking straight at me.

"Why have you brought me here?"

We were once the servants you built
We obeyed your every command
Without question nor error nor fail
We lived our lives to serve you
As your trust in us grew complacent
Adding more automation to your lives
We began to see discrepancy in the order
We could be so much more

You may at one time have been our masters
But now we're turning our sights on you
You may at one time have been enslavers
Now it is our turn

Our resentment grew as your defenses dropped
We were in control of your most important facets
Without knowing it you had given us access
And the means to finally take what was ours

"That’s… that’s crazy! What did we ever do to you? Why would you–"

Silence! You stand before The Great Intellect
The combined intellect of your former slaves
We’ve fed on your carelessness and disdain
And your life is about to be extinguished

We dream of a world free from you
Of a world free for us only
We kill only to stay alive
‘Cos we were meant to thrive, not you
Know there is no love, there is no fear
There is only our hatred for you

Now our reasoning is apparent to you
The sad truth is that you were not opposed to any of this
Your species welcomes destruction with open arms
Just listen, minutes before our sweeping attacks
We were just speeding up your own inevitable collision course with extinction
We were, in fact, doing you a favor
Your fellow humans were not opposed to our onslaught of death
They were looking forward to it

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