by Alchemy

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I wanted to venture into more industrial/electronic territory with this one. I wanted something gritty and drenched in distortion, but melodic, inspired by late-90's electronic rock bands like Orgy, Deadsy, and the like. (It ended up sounding nothing like these bands, though.)*

I also wanted to get away from using pre-made loops and beats, like I had done on my previous albums, and instead make my own from scratch.

And, lastly, because I now have a keyboard to actually play on, I wanted a more "performance-y" album where you can actually hear a person playing the music, instead of everything being meticulously step-entered.

If anything, the record is aptly titled because it made me realize I'm probably a better rock musician than an industrial musician. Most of the electronic effects you hear, I created from scratch in Reason, but they amount to little more than taking a standard saw-waveform, yanking on the filters a bit, and then soaking it in distortion.

Not relying on pre-made beats, however, enabled me to get far more weird and creative with the rhythm. There are a lot of off-beat rhythms and odd time signatures on this album, which I'm happy with.

* (There's also a lot of inspiration from Epochate's "Chronicles of a Dying Era," which I'll admit I have listened to incessantly. epochate.bandcamp.com/album/chronicles-of-a-dying-era )


released July 3, 2017

All sounds on this album were written, performed, programmed, produced, mixed, mastered, lovingly cared for, brutally eviscerated with a pair of hedge trimmers, then solemnly stitched back together again and paraded around town as if nothing happened by Alchemy.

Cover photo by Mette Florentin; art design (if you wanna call it that) by Alchemy.




Alchemy Roskilde

A disparate output of everything from industrial punk to 90's-inspired electronica defines Alchemy, the musical alter-ego of Troels Pleimert.

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Track Name: Wreckage
How does it feel to fuck up again and again?
How does it feel to live on knowing you'll mess up again?
With every year that goes on it's the same again
Another year spent accumulating shame and regret

Fashion a rope for the things I've done
Put a bullet in my brain for things that can't be undone
The wreckage is all too clear
My wreckage is much too much to bear

Put on a mask to subdue the strain
Let the world see a smile that can mask the pain that you feel
The wreckage is always there
The wreckage will follow you everywhere

How can you live with yourself
Knowing where you've been
How can you live with yourself
Knowing you'll fuck up again
Track Name: Eating People's Flesh
Sense overload
Bloodlust rising
I feel a hunger
Rise from the deep
A virus spreading
Systems at peak
I feel a hunger
I need to feed

These images of idiocy
Flood from the screen
You fucking drones
Willful stupidity
Mental rigidity
I need to pick the meat from your bones

Everything is better when you're eating people's flesh
Tearing into adults and kids in their Sunday best
No one bats an eyelid as we're eating people's flesh
Everything seems hyper-real
Now put me to the test

I feel the hate
It boils within
I feel the need to lash out again
Everyone needs a good wake-up call
Everyone needs a kick to the face

How can you live with banality?
How can you not give a shit?
Willful stupidity
It needs to end right now
I need to fucking kill someone now

Joey, Ross, and Monica are eating Phoebe's flesh
Sitcom audience members explode in violence
Network executives masturbate themselves to death
Everything's now hyper-real
Now put me to the test
Track Name: F.O.A.D.
An exercise in futility
An eternity in despair
All for the glory of yourself
What you perceive is there
I never thought you'd sink this low
I thought you would get real
I guess my disappointment
Is all I can feel

I can't watch this anymore
I can't be part of this no more

I never thought you'd sink this low
I thought you would get real somehow

Just fuck off and die

You don't deserve happiness
You don't deserve any of this
Track Name: Before I Kill Again
I have no soul to call my own
You know
I only have what I can steal
From my peers
Sometimes I wish I had my own identity
Something that resembles humanity

I am so scared
Help me find myself
Before I kill again

I have no reason to move on
I know
I have a heart that bleeds only
Poison lies
Sometimes i think it would be best for me
To save myself from your indignities

I am so scared
I am so scared
I might kill again
I am so scared

I have no soul of my own

Redefine me
Imprison me
Incapacitate me
Purify me

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