Ghosts Walk Among Us

by Alchemy

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Timo I am very happy that i found this gem! "Isolate" is an absolute masterpiece, but also the other tracks come very close to that. The whole concept of Alchemy, the approach of making and releasing his music, is so refreshing and exciting for me, that i instantly feel the need to grab my guitar, drive to Denmark and jam along with him. Cool release, and i bet also a cool guy!!!
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Who doesn't love a good ghost story? Here's an album of 5 ghost stories, primarily told from the ghost's point of view.

"Lament" is your classic 'I'm a WHAT now?' story of a ghost who's having trouble coming to grips with the fact that he is one.

"Isolate" is the story of a guy who locked himself in a room with his one true love -- the bottle -- and drank himself to death.

"Tie Our Maiden Down" is basically the story of the video game Fatal Frame (Project Zero), so, uh, spoiler warning, I guess.

"Fade Away" is your run-of-the-mill suicide anthem for a guy who wants to get so high that he'll never feel again.

"Beyond the Grave" is told from two perspectives: the verse is the husband coming home to find his wife dead in the tub with her wrists slashed, and the chorus are her final words to him.

Uplifting shit, isn't it? :D

My inspirations for this album were mainly gothic rock, very much in particular Paradise Lost, who I started listening to a lot after my grandfather died. So most of the tunes are of the low-to-mid tempo affairs.


released March 9, 2017

All songs written, performed, produced and mixed by Alchemy.

Made with free VSTs from and free loops from

All voices rendered by Plogue Alter/Ego:

Ghostly ambience in "Lament" by Robert Menes.

Frederik Olsen provided final continuity and flow.




Alchemy Roskilde

A disparate output of everything from industrial punk to 90's-inspired electronica defines Alchemy, the musical alter-ego of Troels Pleimert.

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Track Name: Lament
Ever get the feeling something's very, very wrong
I walk around for hours, or what seems like all day long
People passing by me say nothing to me at all
I feel like I'm invisible, like a discarded doll

I never eat, I cannot sleep
I have nothing to do
I keep thinking if I see them
Then they can see me, too

Remembering is hard these days
I don't know why I'm here
My sense of purpose replaced by
This overwhelming fear

I see familiar sights and sounds but shrouded in darkness
My memories fade out and I remember less and less
I know I should feel safe, but this seems alien and strange
I try in vain to recall why everything had to change

Something's wrong, I know it
And it's not just me this time
I'm being punished for something
But can't recall my crime

I wander soundlessly from place to place and room to room
I can't help feeling this is my inevitable doom
Track Name: Isolate
I'm gonna isolate myself
Say that you need me, promise you'll always be there
I'll isolate myself
Say that you love me
Promise you'll always be there for me

Our paradise was never meant to last
You know it, I know it
We just never believed it
What can I say
It's never easy to say
Maybe you'll miss me
I hope you'll miss me

My suffering was constantly in the way
Now it's gone, now I'm gone
There's nothing left of me
I hope you realize this wasn't easy
I did this for our own good
It's how it must be

I said goodbye to you in the worst possible way

How can you ever forgive me
I know you can't forgive me
How can you ever forgive me
I know that no one can ever forgive me
Forgive me
Forgive me

I'm gonna isolate myself
Say that you need me, promise you'll always be there
I'll isolate myself
Say that you love me, promise you'll always be there
Isolate myself
Say that you need me, promise you'll never leave me
I'll isolate myself
Say that you love me, now that I'll never be there for you
Track Name: Tie Our Maiden Down
Tie our maiden down
Tear her limb from limb
Her blood will save us all
Imprison Hell itself

Tie our maiden down
Ignore her anguished screams
There is no other way
To fight unholiness

Tie our maiden down
You know what must be done
Her blood is our last hope
To end our suffering

Tie our maiden down
The ritual complete
Her severed limbs we bring
To our glory

This is our last hope
This is our time
This is our only hope
We do or die

I am weak and impure
My blood has failed
I am not what you deserve
I have failed you all
I am weak, forgive me
And condemn me to Hell
Where I belong

The ritual has failed
Now everyone will die
The gates of Hell released
Calamity begins

Your blood has failed us
Your sacrifice for naught
Your will to live
Our undoing
Track Name: Fade Away
Nothing seems to matter now
I'm barely here at all
I try to climb a mountain
That is simply way too tall
I have no reason to stay here
There's nothing left for me
My only friend in this whole world
Ensures my ecstacy
I give up

And I fade away
To a place where I can't stay
And I want to die
While I get so fucking high

Everything is ruined

Living life from day to day
Is such a fucking bore
I wish I had the energy
For simply wanting more
I've made my choice
My mind's made up
It's time to say goodbye
I'll go out screaming like I came in
But this time I'll fly
Track Name: Beyond the Grave
My life is over
There's nothing left for me
My days are over
I've seen all there is to see

I feel her haunting me
Her presence will not leave me
I feel her eyes watch me
What can I do to sleep at night
Her last words to me haunt me
The sadness in her voice
Her final words a whisper
Before she let it flow

She let it go

My life is over
There's nothing left for me
My days are over
I've seen all there is to see

Her breath turns cold
Her skin turns pale
The color red is flowing
Beneath her veil
I feel my heart beating
As I feel hers stop
I feel my will to live
Fade out with her

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