Disc Two - A Remix Companion for Practically Sentient

by Alchemy

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This companion disc for "Practically Sentient" was previously only available if you purchased the "Practically Sentient" album from BandCamp.com. Now here it is, in all its dubious glory, standing on its own.

The album features remixes from "Practically Sentient" and previous albums, as well as two covers of game tunes (Last Ninja II and Space Quest), a Gary Numan cover (My Shadow in Vain) and an outtake song (Changing of the Guard).


released October 21, 2009

Written, performed and produced by Troels Pleimert.
Vocals on 3, 5, 7, 8 by David Warmind.
Additional guitar on 1 by Dion Førslev Pedersen.

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Troels Pleimert @ Broken Gold Studios, Roskilde - August/September 2009


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Alchemy Roskilde

A disparate output of everything from industrial punk to 90's-inspired electronica defines Alchemy, the musical alter-ego of Troels Pleimert.

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Track Name: Changing of the Guard (B-side)
Pause before you cross
I know you're tired, but just one more for the road
Don't think of winnings or of loss
Or of loves lost with barely a face
Or a name

I'm sorry to see
The cycle we feed run its course
But for me to be me
There can be no pause

We built the structure high
We question things you said you knew were true
No need to say goodbye
Death as well as life is all but pages in history
You don't have to agree
It's not your place to see
Death has run its course

We all wish that time would freeze
Before you draw your final wheeze
But this world won't stop spinning for a breeze
For me to me be and you to be free
There can be no pause
Track Name: Psycho Delirium Della Maximus (4 Teh Win!)
Let's get all of this straight
I'd like to procreate
With all you human overlords

I don't want to deflate
Your everloving state
I'm all that you were hoping for

I am the whore you want
I'll wear the skirt you want
I'll dance that dance you taught me so

I am what you despise
Let me poke out your eyes
And tell you how I smell

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