Complacency Kills

by Alchemy

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This was the first album I did with real guitars, vocals and drums. Up until now, I had been doing mostly instrumental songs with sample guitars, but now I took the big leap into full-fledged song-writing -- and also, very nervously indeed, took lead vocals on all the tracks, despite the fact I that I can't hold a note to save my life.

I was really chuffed when the drummer of my favorite Danish hardcore-band, The Psyke Project, agreed to play drums on "The Modern Rebellion". I remember that cost me my student job at the library, because we had a few beers after the session, it was a very hot summer day and, consequently, I almost passed out while stacking books, but in retrospect, it was totally worth it.

Most of the drums, however, were programmed -- which I'll confess I hated doing, because drums really are my primary instrument. Only "The Modern Rebellion," "We the People" and "The Battle is Lost" feature real drums. Owing to my complete lack of experience, the drums were miked up with three vocal-mic's, so most of the live drums are also overdubbed with programmed drums.

This was also the first time I'd ever played guitar, let alone tried tuning one -- which I tried to compensate for by overdubbing tons of guitar tracks on top of each other. Also, none of the tracks have live bass: that wouldn't come until "Practically Sentient", two years later.

Anyway, the album itself is a concept album of sorts. At the time, riots were breaking out in Denmark concerning the closing and eventual demolition of a youth-house in Copenhagen. A radical right-wing Christian organisation had purchased the house behind the backs of the youths who used it, and, caught in endless bureaucratic red tape and lies, the youths saw no other recourse than to set the streets of Copenhagen on fire and throw bricks at police officers.

I was watching all of this while having constant flashbacks to the now-romanticized student riots of the sixties, and decided to write an album correlating these two time periods of civil, youthful dissent.

The album is mainly written from the point of view of a young and naïve little shit who is 'recruited' by cynical orators to 'fight the power', and ends up on the flaming barricades in the middle of a street riot, wondering how the hell he got there in the first place.


released June 1, 2007

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Troels Pleimert.

All guitars, keyboards, live drums, drum programming and vocals by Troels Pleimert, except:

"Surburbanite Insurrect" - lead vocals by David Warmind
"The Modern Rebellion" - live drums by Rasmus Sejersen
"Tired" - ambience and guitar solo by Thomas Arnt Jensen

Cover design and layout by Troels Pleimert.




Alchemy Roskilde

A disparate output of everything from industrial punk to 90's-inspired electronica defines Alchemy, the musical alter-ego of Troels Pleimert.

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Track Name: In This Age
Someone needs to say this right to your face
Before this endless talk of fear and disgrace
Collapse society into somewhere with no escape
Someone needs to tell you this fixation is your demise
Someone needs to tell you this is why you're despised

In this age of doubtful criteria
In this age of well-fed hysteria
Heroes are not born, they die
In this age of guilty serenity
In this age of gutless divinity
Heroes are not born, they die

Someone needs to tell you heroes are the fallen, the prey
Someone needs to tell you heroes are the sullen, the grey

In this age of filthy decrepity
In this age of docile complacency
Heroes are not born, they die

In this age where you make the rules and they
Concede or give up in dismay
In this age where cowards and the sick
Govern the healthy and the weak
Heroes are not born, they die
Track Name: Rebel! Revolt! Recruit!
My cross I bear with dignity
My voice is loud intentionally
I cry out when injustice rears its head
No social ill too great or small
If I had mine we'd seize them all
And kill every lie that you've been fed

I am at odds with society
I am the voice of your anxiety
And make your life your own
I am the sword of the dissident
And no amount will make me content
And start it all again

The seats of power need a wake-up call
And I'm the one who's born to judge them all
I live for the fires in my head
And though it pains me, it's plain to see
You docile sheep need to get with me
And kill every lie that you've been fed


I am at odds with all I see
I prey upon your anxieties
You can be a part of it, too!
I am the heir to the throne I fight
And my commitment is an awesome sight
'Cos I know what's best for all of you
Track Name: Suburbanite Insurrect
I can't believe I used to be so blind
When it's out of sight, it's out of mind
When you shut your drapes and turn off the light
I'll be in the streets, fighting the good fight
I can't believe you tried to hide this from me
In my sheltered suburban happy infancy
How can I blow out the candles and pray to God for my rest
When the screams of oppression resonate in my chest

To the streets I say, and let us fight the good fight
The system will yield when we display our true might
I'll march with my brothers
Together we're strong
'Cos now I've finally found a place where I belong

I used to be so fucking blind
My perfect picture now unwinds
I call this rage my righteous sword
These ancient thoughts have really struck a chord

So we fight for the weak
The destitute and the meek
We fight one at a time for the peace we seek
And though we're opposed by the devils in power
Our numbers are strong and we grow by the hour

Something is wrong and I think we all know it
Poverty, wars and apathy so horrid
You shut your eyes at the things you abhor
But the fire in us burns too bright to ignore

Why fight one fight or two when you can take on the throne?
The everyman rules and no one stands alone
We know it'll work, that's why we're in this throng
'Cos now we've all found a place where we finally belong
Track Name: The Modern Rebellion
I had a dream where everyone were in chains
Where one man loses, then another one gains
I had an image of the marching metal
Where no one is left after the dust has settled

No one to save
No one to care
An early grave for those who take the dare

I have to stop this dream before it comes true
I feel an anger stir, and if you're smart, then so do you

But how can you fight a fight when there's no face to hit?
Just sit around and watch them turn your fucking dreams to shit?
What is a rebel but a loud-mouthed bore?
What is complacency but a cheap fucking whore?

I have to stop this dream before it comes true
I feel an anger stir, and if you're smart, then so do you

I cannot fight, but I cannot sit still
Some revolution when there's no one to---

I have to stop myself before it comes true
But I'm having so much fun just hating you
Track Name: We the People
It was so painfully obvious
So cyclical and predictable
Who was I to think we could win?
Who were we to take this on?
We the people, for the people
Such fucking hollow ideas
All in essense, a manifestation
Of what they wanted us to see all along

We were too closely rooted
To see what was in front of us
Those polling systems need a fucking tune-up
'Cos here we are, so impotent in our rage
It was all so painfully obvious
But we were too inflamed to see it
In our throes to stop oppression
We were immensely entertaining

They're laughing at us
Track Name: Tired
Sometimes it's hard to keep the fire burning
Fatigue as a wave that crashes over me
Sometimes it's hard to just stay focused and alert
And I'm not sure I have the energy anymore

My ideals were perfect
I just needed an audience
But what more can I offer them
When my peace is said and done?

I can point to any random street corner
Show you faces of calamity at its core
Sometimes there's just too much to absorb
And I'm not sure I have the energy anymore

The wind blows harshly through empty boulevards
Once teeming with the social elite
I'm just not sure I recognize the cause anymore
I'm just not sure...

My ideals were perfect
I just needed an audience
But what more can I offer them
When my peace is said and done?

My ideals were perfect
I just needed an audience
But what more do they want from me
When it's not even mine anymore?
Track Name: The Battle is Lost
Your revolution was televised
And boy, was it a sight
When the masses gathered in the market square
We knew that we were right
We watched it all from a vantage point
A glass of the 'Dom in hand
With glee we observed our investment unfold
And baby, you're the man

You'll be glad to know that you've helped us
Your dedication was rich and true
But in your throes to stop oppression
You forgot that we own you
Now, don't look so surprised now
And count your blessings, my friend
You can reform again in ten years or so
And we'll let you do it all over again

Don't think of the battle as lost
There's no way you could have won
In this cyclical fight for ideologies
Defeat is part of the fun
And while you toil for what you know is right
We sip our bubbly in peace
Secure that whatever you may say or do
We can usurp it and sell it all back to you
Track Name: For All the Wrong Reasons
I don't know who I am anymore
I probably never did
I'm perched upon the barricades
The bottle in my hand is lit
I'm shouting vain obscenities
I'm daring them to come
But I can see myself, as if disconnected
And I'm wondering where that person came from

So we direct our anger outwards
At the masses, before the masses
At those we deem oppressive
For the ones we deem oppressed

And we direct this anger outwards
At the masses, at everyone
So we won't have to look inside
Where the real horror has just begun

I saw myself looking around for the strings in my back
And the bystander's glare was of shock and glee
I saw the spectacle I myself had performed
And wondered, is this what it takes to be free?
Did I sign up for the revolution or to be a distraction?
Should I learn to take to heart instead of taking action?
It saddens me to see this spin so out of control
When I think we can all agree that peace is the final goal

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