A Very Alchemy Christmas

by Alchemy

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For Christmas 2009, I did four tracks for a little EP which was released over the course of December.

For this little package, I didn't use any guest musicians or vocalists — it's all me, which means a lot of screaming and a lot of meaty guitars. But there's also a healthy dose of breakbeats, electronic widdling, and even some clean vocals.

And in the Christmas spirit (especially since the songs on the EP are so mean-spirited), it's all for free. Download away, and merry fucking Christmas, you freeloaders!


released December 24, 2009

Music and lyrics by Troels Pleimert

Guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming and vocals by Troels Pleimert

Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Broken Gold Studios, Roskilde, November/December 2009

© 2009 Spændstig Musik ltd. www.spaendstigmusik.dk




Alchemy Roskilde

A disparate output of everything from industrial punk to 90's-inspired electronica defines Alchemy, the musical alter-ego of Troels Pleimert.

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Track Name: Kartika
Uphold the law above all else
Morals born in prison cells
I will not cry, I won't dissent
I welcome my punishment

Sanctuary of a free mind is
The first thing that gets left behind
Atonement is a life well spent
I welcome my punishment

Love your government
Accept your punishment

I wish I'd never voiced my own two cents
I wish I'd never thought that I'd dissent
I wish that every thought of mine be screened
I wish that every act of mine be preened
I wish that I was one and all were free
I wish that all I saw would buy my plea
I wish that everyone would have my glee
I wish that everyone I saw were me

I'm on a single-serve portion of my own distress
I don't know how much of my preaching leaves less for myself
I am a victim, martyr, subject, object, feed and excess
I swallow, need and greed and feed and revel in my success

This should probably be a warning sign
A fettered image that the lord is too benign
I know I'll do it, and I know it's wrong
Just let me see it when it's right where I belong

I love what every one tells me
I love what every one tells me

Spare the rod and spoil the citizen

Let's get this done
Track Name: Faceless Ape
You can run down the stairs
You can climb up that tree
Yet I think you’re a completely different species than me
You can pause for effect
And wither from neglect
Yet I think you’re a completely different species than me
You can shout out loud
And you can quietly sulk
But I think you’re a completely different species than me
And you can only pretend
To know how all this will end
‘Cos I think you’re a completely different species than me

Wash your face
Wash your hands
Watch your mouth
Cover your glands
Crawl outside
Where you can hide
Cover your mouth
Cover your face

You can try to tell me
How all these things came to be
And you’d still be a completely different species than me
You can rant all you want
You can weep, you can taunt
I still think you’re a completely different species than me
Take a look outside
Would that hurt your pride?
I think you’re a completely different species than me
Suck it up, play the game
Both our answers are lame
But I think you’re a completely different species than me
Track Name: What Have I Done
What have I done to have such fun
Playin' with your money
We'll get our will while you field the bill
Now ain't that funny

I'll risk invest 'cos I know best
You're under my spell
Hello? What's that sound? It's the trickle-down
You know this will end well

Our recession is your depression
History taught us nothing
Just don't look back
We'll get us on track
See what the future may bring

Put your trust in us
Get on the fun bus
And we'll all be filthy rich
If it all goes to pot
We'll just leave you to rot
In a lime-covered ditch

When we crash, you bail out - have no fear, have no doubt
Everything will be fine
I'll get through this rough patch with my severance package
We'll get to you in time

Raise the stakes, play the game - it helps if you're insane
And greed is your mistress
Just between you and me, "accountability"
Just means "I want less"

Come dance with us
Here in the fun bus
Where the future looks ever bright
Our limit is the sky
'Cos you're blind when you're high
We can see there is no end in sight

Come party with us
We have much to discuss
Let's just dim the lights and fade
Just climb that mountain high
I know that I'll get by
I've got myself made

Watch the stock go down
As brokers hit the ground
We'll call it our mistake
When you give us a break
We dug ourselves a hole
And you must pay that toll
It's dog eat dog
And we still have the fucking biggest teeth
Track Name: Merry Friggin' Christmas
Hey, Padre! Sit your ass down
No one likes a clergy when he's wearing a frown
Now come on, little brother! Sit your ass down
It's family time all around
And not about town

Hey, big sister! Shut the hell up
One more word from you and I'll fuckin' blow my top
Now come on, everybody! Is it such a crime?
Let's all pretend we love each other
Just this one time

Plagiarize the pagan
Denounce the devil Sagan
You can have your special x-mas time
Holidays are waiting
And all the stores are baiting for you
You can have your x-mas all year long

Hey, street preacher! It's that time again
It's all going to hell if we won't be your friend
But come on, everybody! I have my doubt
Somehow I don't think this is what Christ was about
Hey, mister salesman! Will you give me a treat?
I'll keep on dancing while you shoot at my feet
Come on, you fuckers! Is this what you lack?
All that fucking stress'll give you a heart attack - yeah

Praise the little baby
Now shut up and pass the gravy
We just want our quiet x-mas time
The sinners and the pious
All pathological liars
Do we want this madness going strong?

Gather round the table
And praise our little fable
What does this have to do with x-mas time?
Is this were about the living
And not about the giving
You could have your x-mas all year long
Have your fucking x-mas all year long

Hey, little Jew! Sucks to be you
You may get more presents but just save it for the pew
Hey, little Muslim! Don't invite your cousin
We'll let you stick around if you just keep down your fussin'
Come on, all you Hindu! We'll get around to you too
We're all-inclusive in our great insensitivity
But it's not about religion
So forget all your fidgetin'
It's just that we need some excuse to spend time with our family

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